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Carlie Ellen Cooper

Carlie Cooper is a forensic specialist who is a friend, since high school, of Lily Hollister. She has read everything Doctor Curt Connors has written. Carlie works for the New York Police Department and helped Peter Parker find a new flat in the city with officer Vincent Gonzales. Carlie also helped out Harry Osborn when he sunk back to alcoholism. She had begun to date Peter Parker, but after the events of Spider-Island, they broke up due to her suspicions that Peter was Spider-Man. Although disappointed, Carlie helped Peter track down the new Vultures and their leader, the original Vulture Adrian Toomes. During the events of Spider-Island, Carlie, not unlike many other citizens of New York, had Spider-Powers for a time. After Doctor Octopus switched minds with Spider-Man, Carlie was the only person to be told by "Doctor Octopus" he was actually Peter Parker, moments before his death.[1] Due to the change of behavior of Spider-Man (actually Otto Octavius), Carlie begun to investigate if what she was told was true. With assistance from Yuri Watanabe, she is able to confirm that Otto Octavius is in possession of Peter's body and that Peter had died. She visits his grave, but is then surprised when it caves in and there is no body to be found. She is then ambushed and taken to the Goblin Underground, where she is interrogated about Spider-Man's true identity and later turned into a goblinoid Monster. After the events involving the Goblin Nation, as she is still recovering from the effects of the Goblin serum, Carlie has decided that she no longer wants to get involved with Spider-Man or Peter Parker again and has decided to move away from New York to a place that is less dangerous for her to live in as a police forensic scientist.


Solo D4, Buddy D8, Team D6


Discovering Delicate Secrets, NYPD Forensic Scientist, True Friend


Crime Expert D8, Medical Expert D8, Science Expert D8