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Complete guide to Character Datafiles, Milestones, Locations and Fan-Made Events and Scenes for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game by Margaret Weis Productions.

Example of Posting Structure

For an example of the structure that this wiki will use, go to Spider-Man. Each character will get their own page with multiple links of datafiles on it. Please do not post a character datafile entry directly into the Spider-Man page for example. Instead post it under Spider-Man (XXX, Hero Datafile) where XXX is a storyline, costume variant or other brief descriptor.. This way people can browse a whole list of Spider-Man datafiles, and choose the one that best suits thier campaign.  For datafile formatting, see Datafile Template.  For a good example of a finished team page, see Freedom Force (however, more information on each incarnation and team images are a fantastic bonus).

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