Affiliations Solo D4, Buddy D6, Team 2+D6

Distinctions Brood of [Hell-Lord], Creatures of Sin, Nether Fiends

Power Sets


Demonic Hide D6, Enhanced Stamina D8, Mystic Senses D8 (Choose two from Claws and Fangs D6, Flight D6, Hellfire Blast D6, Shapeshifting D6)

SFX: Area Attack. Against multiple targets, for each additional target add d6 and keep an additional effect die.

SFX: Raise Hell. Step up or double any Infernal Creatures power for one action. If the action fails, step back that power. Spend a doom die to recover that power.

SFX: Soul Siphon. After inflicting stress with an Infernal Creatures power in an attack action, spend a doom die to create an Infernal Creatures stunt equal to the stress inflicted or step up a Infernal Creatures power until used in an action.

Limit: Demon. Step up any stress taken from holy relics and divine powers to step up the lowest die in the doom pool or add a D6 doom die.

Limit: Mob Cohesion. Defeat affiliation dice (with D10 stress) to reduce mob. Each affiliation die is treated as a separate target for Area Attack SFX.

Specialties Combat Expert D8, Menace Expert D8