SFX: Berserker Rage. Create a Berserker Rage mental complication on yourself. Whenever you act you may add the Berserker Rage complication as an asset to your pool, then step it up. If the Berserker Rage complication steps up beyond D12, you take a mental attack from the doom pool including the complication.

SFX: Deadly Venom. If you succeed on a physical attack action, you may choose to create a Poisoned physical complication on your target. Whenever your target acts you may step it up. If the Poisoned complication steps up beyond D12, the target takes a physical attack from the doom pool including the Poisoned complication.

SFX: Just a Scratch. Spend 1 PP. An enemy cannot add your STRESS TYPE die in a dice pool that targets you for the rest of the scene. Step up your STRESS TYPE at the end of the scene.

SFX: Martial Artist. If your pool includes the Combat specialty, in a close combat-based action or reaction, add your Acrobatics specialty at no cost.

SFX: Multitasking. Spend 1 PP/a D8 doom die for any previous action to take an additional action during a transition scene.

SFX: Well-Versed. Add more than one Specialty to your pool. Step back each additional Specialty die in your pool once for each die beyond the first.

SFX: Brace for Impact. Spend a PP to not roll against an action, but instead just accept the effect.

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