Spider-Man (Earth-751263)Edit

(Peter Parker)
Spider-Man Unlimited


Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6


Nanotech Suit, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilty, Nervous Quips


Bitten By A Radioactive Spider

Superhuman Strength d10, Superhuman Agility d10, Enhanced Stamina d8, Enhanced Durability d8, Superhuman Senses d10, Wall Crawling d6

SFX: Spider-Sense. Spend 1 PP to add Enhanced Senses (or step up by +1 if already in your pool) and reroll all dice on a reaction.

SFX: Second Wind. Before you make an action including a Spider-Powers power, you may move your physical stress die to the doom pool and step up the Spider- Powers power by +1 for this action.

Limit: Exhausted. Shutdown any Spider-Powers power to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.

Spider-Suit and Gear

Sonic Emitter d8, Web Shooters d8, Weapon d8, Wrist Morpher d6

SFX: Spider-Tracer. Spend 1 PP or use an effect die to create a Traced complication for a target. You may track that target anywhere until the complication is removed or Enhanced Senses is shutdown.

SFX: Grapple. Add d6 and step up effect die by +1 when inflicting a web-related complication on a target.

SFX: Web Constructs. When creating web-related assets, add d6 and step up effect die by +1.

SFX: Spider-Darts. When inflicting a paralyzing or movement-hindering complication on a target, add a d6 and step up the effect die.

Limit: Gear. Shutdown a Spider-Suit and Gear power and gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover gear.