Affiliations: Solo D8, Buddy D6, Team D4

Distinctions: Berserker, Half-Troll/Half God, Deceptively Powerful.

Power Sets:

Asgardian Warrior

Superhuman Durability D10, Superhuman Strength D10, Surprisingly Nimble D8, Enhanced Stamina D10

SFX: Invulnerability - Spend a doom die from the doom pool to ignore physical stress or trauma unless caused by magic.

Limit: Anger Issues - Add a d6 to the doom pool and step up emotional stress caused by anger or loss of control.

Asgardian War Axe

Weapon D10

SFX: Ghost Touch - Add another dice to the total of any Weapon attack against an opponent with Intangible this turn.

SFX: Cleave - When you cause physical trauma to someone in combat, you may target one additional opponent. For every additional opponent, keep +1 effect die.

Limit: Gear - Shutdown Weapon to step up the lowest die in the doom pool or add a d6 doom die. Spend a doom die to recover that power.


Acrobatic Expert D8, Combat Master D10, Menace Expert D8